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Now offering Meal Prep Kits
for Postpartum Parents

Assembled ingredients to assist the freshly-postpartum birthing parent and their support people with quick, nutritious, healing meal prep.

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Savor and Soothe

Nutrition • Culinary • Writing • Editing • Consulting

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About Gloria

Chef, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Professor, and Mama

Feed, nourish, and educate - that's my bread and butter

(no pun intended). 


My varied background in the worlds of food, nutrition, and health have lead me to the business I'm in today. I started out as a chef, excited to feed the world, but I always came back to the nutrition aspect of the food I served. I realized I not only wanted to feed people, but 

nourish them.

After witnessing the debilitating effects of chronic inflammatory conditions and compromised mental health on close friends and family members (as well as experiencing those effects myself), I was inspired to show people that a diagnosis is not a food jail sentence; that meals can be medicine, but they do not have to taste that way.


Click here for my full credentials and the long version of my story

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