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Soothe your mind, body, and soul

Online Coaching with Gloria

Which of these sounds like you?

  • I'd like to feel better...

  • I want to prepare for a big event!

  • I'm trying to get fit.

  • I wish I could cook!

  • I'm interested in workplace wellness...

  • I have NO TIME to eat healthy.

  • I would love to build some good family food habits!

  • My budget is too tight for healthy food.

  • I need help managing my medical condition

Meet Gloria

Chef & Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Hello, and welcome to Savor and Soothe!

My name is Gloria, and I am a chef and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a varied background in the worlds of food, nutrition, and health. I started out as a chef, excited to feed the world, but always came back to the nutrition aspect of the food I served. I realized I not only wanted to feed the world, but nourish the world.

After witnessing the debilitating effects of chronic inflammatory conditions and compromised mental health on close friends and family members (as well as experiencing those effects myself), I was inspired to show people that a diagnosis is not a food jail sentence; that food can be medicine, but it does not have to taste that way.


Where could you use some guidance?

Balancing  Digestive System

Adjusting Eating Habits

Adopting Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Setting Health Goals

Creating a Personalized Nutrition Plan

You deserve relief.

Let's get started today.

“Gloria is extremely knowledgeable. She patiently answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease.”

“I was at a loss and very frustrated with my condition, but Gloria helped me feel much better... finally!”

“I'm a better cook (and eater!) thanks to Gloria. ”

Let’s Get Healthy

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