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Meal Prep Kits

Coming August 2024

An excellent way to assist the new parent (or parents!) in your life, these Meal Prep Kits are designed to greatly reduce meal prep time and effort in those essential first few weeks, or even months. Whether it's a non-birthing partner, a dedicated support person, a rotating group of helping hands, or the birthing parent themselves, the ingredients are gathered, measured, and ready to cook.


The shelf-stable format keeps costs down and value up, as they can be purchased in bulk for a discount and will last for months. Each kit makes 2 servings, which can both be for the birthing parent (lunch/dinner, today/tomorrow, now/freeze), or can be prepared as a meal for two parents. Best of all, the recipe card and shopping list are yours to keep and replicate if you'd like to make your own meal kits. 


You can even purchase these kits for yourself to assist you in cooking meals to deliver to the home or hospital room of the new little family!

What's done for you?

  • ​Nutrition research supporting the best ingredients to optimize the new parent's healing, milk supply, hormone regulation, energy, sleep, and more

  • Collection, testing, and curation of delicious, nourishing recipes for the recovering parent

  • Meal planning tailored to the "fourth trimester"

  • The majority of the shopping (add your favorite fresh ingredients for even more benefit)

  • Preparation, measurement, portioning, and packaging of exact ingredient amounts

  • Delivery or convenient pickup options

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