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My Story

When I was 12, I went to the dietitian with my mom, who had just been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. I had heard of the concept of "food as medicine", but wasn't sure exactly how that worked. Besides loving the colorful informative posters and adorable food models (I LOVED playing grocery store and restaurant as a kid!), I was fascinated as the dietitian told my mom she could control her blood sugar and manage her condition with a modifying what she ate. And so began my fascination with the world of dietetics. 

My love of spending quality time cooking with my family at our large holiday gatherings coupled with my desire for perpetual job security ("everyone will always need to eat," I reasoned), I decided to begin my journey at culinary school. My time at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY was an exciting, eye-opening adventure compared to my life back home in San Diego, CA, and I eagerly devoured every minute of it (pun very much intended)! After taking Nutrition and Nutritional Cooking, I knew I wanted to elevate my cooking. I decided to pursue my bachelor's degree and become an RD. 

Having barely made it through 11 long, grueling years of working full-time as a full-time student battling anxiety, depression, and endometriosis, I know what it's like to be so exhausted, stressed, ill, and disheartened that you just grab what you can from a drive-thru or the pantry (AHEM ramen), inhaling it before you crash for a few hours' sleep, or just skip eating altogether, knowing you are not treating your body well and will probably feel worse tomorrow. And yes, those feelings were compounded since I was earning a degree (in Nutrition, of all things...)

While there are limiting factors to everyone's success (time, money, skill, knowledge), I am here to work with your unique situation and fill in the gaps until you feel confident or able (or well) enough to manage on your own, and to continue to support you once you do.

I've been there. I understand. I survived. I still work at it every day. 

You deserve wellness; I'm here to guide you there.


Associate of Occupational Studies, Culinary Arts - The Culinary Institute of America

Bachelor of Science, Dietetics and Food Administration - CSU Long Beach

Minor, Hospitality Management - CSU Long Beach

Master of Education, Nutrition Education - Framingham State University

Dietetic Internship - Iowa State University

Certificate, Nutritional Psychology - JFK University

Credential, School Nutrition Specialist - School Nutrition Association

Certification, ServSafe Food Protection Manager - National Restaurant Association

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